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The animals featured on this page are only a sampling of animals available for adoption at the London Humane Society. Visit or call our shelter for a full viewing and information of all of our animals up for adoption.

All our shelter residents wait patiently for a loving owner to provide them with a new home. While we endeavour to update our information on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee an animal on this page will be available when you visit - someone else may have already taken him/her home! But there are many other animals for you to fall in love with!

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    Please note: Over the years we have had several viral outbreaks, such as Feline Upper Respiratory Disease URI , within our cat population. In a continuing effort to help prevent the spread of this and other highly contagious viruses we ask that people DO NOT put their hands in any of the animal cages while visiting adoption rooms.

    Fairview #11202

    Fairview is a 1 year old spayed female.

    Fairview will do anything for a chin scratch, and will reward you with a head butt!

    TUX #11033

    Tux is a 9 year old neutered male, he is a sweet boy who loves to get out, roam and get loved.

    sheba #11126
    Sheba is a 7 year old spayed female.

    tina #11276
    Tina is a 2 year old spayed female.

    JAZZ #11139

    Jazz is an 8 year old neutered male. He is an acrobat! Especially if you have catnip! Master of the coy look!

    Gray #11278

    Gray is a 3 year old spayed female.

    sweet pea #11271
    Sweet Pea is a 5 year old spayed female.

    Romo #10987

    Romo is a 7 year old Spayed Female. She is Independent, and likes to do her own thing... unless you have treats!

    TAwny #11013

    Tawny is a 3 year old spayed female. she is cautious at first, but total love bug once she gets to know you

    MOXI #10950
    Moxi is a 1 year old female. She is very sweet once she gets to know you, she loves getting her back scratched.

    tara #11277
    Tara is a 5 year old spayed female.

    sparx #11279
    Sparx is a 2 year old neutered male.

    buttons #11275

    Buttons is a 5 year old neutered male.

    chandler #11194

    Chandler is a 2 year old neutered male.


    Einstein #10584
    Einstein is here waiting for his forever family! This 7 month old Beagle cross is a very smart, energetic boy loves to play and go for walks and would benefit from going to obedience training where he can show you the true "Einstein" he can be! Einstein would do best in a home with older children. If smart and active, not to mention cute, sounds like a good fit for you, come meet this bouncing boy!
    LADY #11228

    Lady is a 7 year old female Coonhound / Blue Heeler mix. Every bit a lady! Sweet tempered girl who loves to explore!
    LAYLA #1
    Layla is SUCH a happy girl! This 3 year old American Bulldog mix has a bum that never stops wagging. Layla loves to run and play, and she really loves to splash around in the kiddie pools!She is a strong girl who is pretty good on the leash until she sees something she wants to chase. Layla seems to like other dogs and we think she'd be okay with kids but she should go to a home without any cats.



    JERRY #11341

    Jerry is a 3 year old Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix is a social butterfly and loves to meet new people! He loves to spend time outside, either going for a walk or in the dog runs where he can run and sniff around. If you're looking for some downtime, he's happy to sit on your lap and is a pretty good cuddler too! Jerry gets along well with other dogs, but we aren't sure about cats. 

    PAYTON #11083

    This is Payton, she is a 1 year old female shepherd cross. She is a playful gal who does not do well with other dogs.


    Tippy Toes Tommy is a 6 year old male Hound mix. I can be loud, but I am very loving. I am bigger than I look in my photo, butI am ready to spend Netflix Marathons with you!


    FALCO #11251

    We can't quite figure out how such a good boy like Falco hasn't gone home yet. Falco is a 3 year old Husky who is very good on the leash and knows his basic commands - he's always happy to sit and shake a paw with you. He's a calm boy who never jumps up, but he definitely has some spring in his step as we've been told he can hop a 6 foot fence. Falco needs a home where there aren't any cats or kids under 12.

    CHONG #11253

    Chong is definitely the strong,silent type. This 2 year old Lab mix loves to run and play outside, and is always game for some fetch. Chong is friendly and gentle with new people and seems very eager to please his humans. We are sure his soulful eyes will win his forever family over.
    HUNTER #11242

    Hunter is a busy guy who is stronger than he looks. We think he would look good with a little more healthy weight put on, and he is definitely ok with eating! Hunter is a 3 year old high-energy Shepherd mix, who needs a home that will give him lots of love and attention! He needs to learn some manners, but he is eager to please and should train easily with patience and cookies!


    MARLEY #11338

    Marley is a 1 1/2 year old Terrier mix who has lots of personality! This sweet little guy loves to come to you for pets and attention, but has a big of a wild side and loves to play too! Marley seems to love everyone he meets and we think he will steal your heart with his playful nature.

    SAM #11340
    7 year old Sam doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon! This sweet Beagle X is a happy guy who likes other dogs that take a laid back approach to life, and is good with cats too. Sam loves to follow his nose and is happiest when there are lots of new smells to explore. 
    SUE #11339

    Sue is a 6 year old Beagle mix who loves people of all ages! This happy girl has a tail that never stops waggin' and will stomp her back foot if you scratch her back in just the right spot. Sue loves to go for walks and is good on the leash - she seems to do well with other dogs and kids too! This happy go lucky girl is waiting to meet you!


    SPICE #11342

    Sweet little Spice is 1 1/2 and gets along well with cats and other dogs. This petite girl is a bit timid with new people and takes some time to warm up but is ready to find a forever best friend. Once she is comfortable, Spice will excitedly greet you, almost dancing and running in circles. She likes to chase after her tail and will happily enjoy a few cookies. We think Spice would do best in a quiet home as she startles easily and will need a family who can be patient with her while she gains more confidence. 


    Small Pets

    BUDDHA #11220

    Buddha is a 1 year old long haired Guinea Pig. He has been handled a lot and likes to be pet.

    BUN BUN #11283

    Bun Bun is a 5 month old neutered male rex mix. He has been handled a lot and loves attention. He is litter box trained and is good around the house.