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The animals featured on this page are only a sampling of animals available for adoption at the London Humane Society. Visit or call our shelter for a full viewing and information of all of our animals up for adoption.

All our shelter residents wait patiently for a loving owner to provide them with a new home. While we endeavour to update our information on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee an animal on this page will be available when you visit - someone else may have already taken him/her home! But there are many other animals for you to fall in love with!

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    Please note: Over the years we have had several viral outbreaks, such as Feline Upper Respiratory Disease URI , within our cat population. In a continuing effort to help prevent the spread of this and other highly contagious viruses we ask that people DO NOT put their hands in any of the animal cages while visiting adoption rooms.

    bert #10856
    Bert is a 4 year old spayed female - her sister can be seen beside (Ernie). Bert is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.

    Ernie #10857
    Ernie is also a 4 year old spayed sister just like her sister (Bert). Ernie is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.

    Zoey #11010
    Zoey is an 8 year old spayed and front declawed female. She loves attention, and loves her treats ;).

    MISSy # 10459
    Missy loves how the camera takes away 5lbs! She looks average sized in this picture, but she has more to love than that! Missy is a 2 year old sweet heart who is quite shy at first, but can be won over with brushing and pets! She loves to chat softly and give head bumps to show her affection

    Melody #10912
    Melody is a bit of a shy girl who is looking for the right family to warm up to! She is 3 years old and loves to perch herself in the cat tree or in the hammock. This laid back girl purrs away for people and loves to get her head scratched. Melody is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.

    Furrari #11012
    Furrari is a 3 year old neutered male. Furraris is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.

    Mr.Kittens #10863
    Mr.Kittens is a 8 year old neutered male. He is still an active guy for being 8. Mr. KIttens is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.

    FINnigan #10841
    Finnigan is a 6 year old male, he would do best in a home without dogs and without children.

    Aria #10861
    Aria is a sweet 2-year old gal with a bit of cattitude. She is playful and affectionate but doesn't mind letting you know when she's had enough. She loves to explore and check out her surroundings. Aria would do best in a home with no children. If you're looking for a bit of sass in your life, come meet Aria today!

    SHANE #10657
    Shane is a 2 year old neutered male. He is a very playful guy who has quite the personality. He is shy at first but will warm up with some play time and pets.

    MOXI #10950
    Moxi is a 1 year old female. She is very sweet once she gets to know you, she loves getting her back scratched.

    hugo #10989
    Hugo is a 1 year old neutered male. He is a domestic Medium hair. He is good with cats, and loves attention. Hugo is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.

    PRINCESS DIana #10777
    Princess Diana is a 2 year old spayed female. She takes a little to get to know you, but she knows a good thing when she feels it! Once you give her a good back scratch she is your best friend.

    Hilary #11066
    Hilary is a 2 year old spayed female.

    Tallulah #10872
    Tallulah is a 2 year old female.

    lady #10689
    Lady is a 4-year old girl who likes to take it easy. This sweet girl loves to play with toy mice and chase after the laser pointer almost as much as she enjoys being brushed. Lady has previously lived with two dogs and got along with them just fine! If you're looking for a new lady in your life, come and meet her today!

    MAMAN #10739
    Maman is a 2 year old spayed female. She is a talk-a-tive girl who loves attention and play time. Maman is at Petsmart North on Fanshawpark road.


    Einstein #10584
    Einstein is here waiting for his forever family! This 7 month old Beagle cross is a very smart, energetic boy loves to play and go for walks and would benefit from going to obedience training where he can show you the true "Einstein" he can be! Einstein would do best in a home with older children. If smart and active, not to mention cute, sounds like a good fit for you, come meet this bouncing boy!
    CHARLIE #10851 & LOLAH #10852
    Charlie and Lolah are looking for their forever homes! They are both Boxers mixed with Bullmastiff. Lolah is 2 and Charlie is 6. They are a bonded pair and though we are hoping they can find a forever home together, they can be adopted separately. They love to go for walks and are very friendly.
    LADY #11087
    Pretty Lady is a 4 year old Shepherd mix, and she is dying to meet you! Today is National Love Your Pet Day, and Lady thinks she has a lot of love to give someone special!  !



    JAMBALYA #10967

    Jambalaya is a 5-year old Hound mix who'd love to meet you! He's a bit bigger than he looks here and would love a forever family who doesn't have any cats. He loves to go for walks and have cookies, and is also happy to announce his presence to you. 

    LUCAS #11084

    This smiling guy is Lucas, a 1-year old Shepherd mix. Lucas is an energetic guy who loves other dogs and loves to play fetch. He is happy to run and play in the snow but if you'll bend over he'll happily cuddle up against you and wait for a hug. We don't believe he has previously lived with cats, but have been told that he does not show any interest in them.

    BEANIE BUTTON #10966

    Beanie Button is a great gal with an awesome paw-sonality to boot! This 7 year old gal is a true princess and loves to be dressed up and fussed over. Beanie loves stuffed animals and often likes to carry them while she's on her walks. She would be best in a home as the only pet and with kids over 10. If you're looking for a girl with lots of love to give who will keep you laughing - come and meet Beanie today!


    PAYTON #11083

    This is Payton, she is a 1 year old female shepherd cross. She is a playful gal who does not do well with other dogs.


    Small Pets

    Amber # 10798

    Amber is a 5 year old female Guinea Pig. She is a little shy, but she is an older gal who loves treats.

    Max # 11035

    Max is an 8 month old male Guinea pig. He would do best as a single Guinea pig, he is a little shy but is getting better with lots of handling.

    Mia & gabe # 10996 & 10997

    Mia and Gabe are both female 1 year old Guinea Pigs, they are a bonded pair.

    Hopsy #10964
    Hospy is a male dwarf rabbit. He is a sweet boy who is a little older.

    MUFFIN #10937
    Muffin is a 1 year old male Guinea Pig. He would benefit from more handling as he is quite shy..

    OREO #10988
    Oreo is a 2 year old Rabbit, he needs a little time to get to know you, but he loves attention once he does.