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The animals featured on this page are only a sampling of animals available for adoption at the London Humane Society. Visit or call our shelter for a full viewing and information of all of our animals up for adoption.

All our shelter residents wait patiently for a loving owner to provide them with a new home. While we endeavour to update our information on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee an animal on this page will be available when you visit - someone else may have already taken him/her home! But there are many other animals for you to fall in love with!

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    Please note: Over the years we have had several viral outbreaks, such as Feline Upper Respiratory Disease URI , within our cat population. In a continuing effort to help prevent the spread of this and other highly contagious viruses we ask that people DO NOT put their hands in any of the animal cages while visiting adoption rooms.

    Gray #11278

    Gray is a 3 year old spayed female.

    Duke #11291

    Duke is a 6 year old neutered male.

    BUFF #11515

    Buff is a 2 year old neutered male.

    tara #11277
    Tara is a 5 year old spayed female.

    Fievel #11388
    Fievel is full of energy and ready to show off his playful nature. He is excited to chase after balls and play with the wand toys in our cat rooms. Though he doesn't like to be picked up, he's very affectionate and happily purrs away when you give him attention.

    Billy #11233
    Billy is 1 year old and is full of playful energy! Billy loves to swat at the wand toys and enjoys jumping and climbing up and down the cat trees! He's a sucker for treats and attention and is a total purring machine when he's happy. He'd love to find his forever family, meet him today!

    SUMMAR #11082

    Summar is a 1 year old gal who loves to play. This sassy girl loves to chase after balls with bells in them and enjoys being pet on her head and scratched behind her ears. Summar's cattitude will keep you laughing and she'd love to show her pawsonality off to her new family! 

    Monica #11195

    Monica is 2 years old and looking for a quiet place to call home. She is a purring machine when you pet her, but takes some time to warm up to new people. She would probably do best in a home without children or dogs.

    Nick #11630

    Nick is a 9 month old neutered male.

    OLAF #11628

    Olaf is a 2 year old neutered male.

    TaRA #11572

    Tara is a 2 year old spayed female.

    Toopy #11525

    Toopy is a 10 month old spayed female.

    Cuddles #11676

    Cuddles is a 1 year old spayed front declawed female. She is a sweet girl who loves attention, and is toilet trained!

    ANGEL #11427

    Angel is a 2 year old spayed female.

    Bella #11643

    Bella is an 8 year old female spayed domestic longhair. She would do best as a single cat in a household.

    PRETTy #11729

    Pretty is a 4 month old spayed female.

    GORDy #11197

    Gordy is a 2 year old neutered male who is available for adoption at Petsmart North Masonville.

    Preston #11365

    Preston is a 6 year old front declawed neutered male.




    Moose #10589
    Moose is a 2 year old neutered male. He is a large lab cross. Moose can clear fences because of his height and has a wheat allergy. He is an affectionate boy who loves his attention.
    Tucker #11625

    This 3 year old Shepherd mix loves to run and play and enjoys spending time outdoors. He's looking for a family with kids over 8 that live in a detached home - sometimes when he gets lonely, he talks to himself.
    SALLY #11416
    Sally is a 5 year Border Collie X who is both goofy and lovable! This big girl loves to run and play, especially if you're interested in a game of fetch. Sally is full of kisses to share and really enjoys a back scratch. She would love to find an active family to keep her busy..




    Tippy Toes Tommy is a 6 year old male Hound mix. I can be loud, but I am very loving. I am bigger than I look in my photo, butI am ready to spend Netflix Marathons with you!

    BROWNIE #11814

    Brownie is an 11 month old neutered Terrier cross. He does not get a long with cats and is selective with dogs. He loves humans though!

    WESSON #11647

    Wesson is such a happy guy! This 5 year old Shepherd loves getting attention and was happy to smile for the camera! Wesson loves his walks and does great on the leash. He's looking for a home where he's your only pet and there are no children


    JUSTIN #11571

    Justin is a little guy who is a total lap dog! He loves to play and loves to get attention. 


    Small Pets


    Penelope is a 1 year old Holland Lop rabbit who is ready to find a family to call her own. She is very social and loves to greet you at her cage. 


    Stewie is a 1 year old bunny who is very social and loves cuddles and pets. He is happy to greet visitors at his cage and would love to find a forever family where he can do some exploring

    BAILEY #11820

    Bailey is a 2 year old male guinea pig